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Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 244
b) Demands against the county based on contested claims or requests for refunds payable out of budgeted appropriations must be acted on in accordance with the procedure prescribed in this section ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 147
If the proceeds of that property are insufficient to pay the mortgage, the part remaining unsatisfied must be classed with other demands against the estate

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 31
... record of judgment to show any counterclaims allowed.   Every garnishee shall be allowed to retain or deduct out of the property, effects or credits of the defendant in his hands all demands against ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 706
NRS 706.1513           Suits by and against Authority. NRS 706.1514           Authority: Power of majority of members; exercise of power and conduct of business by majority of ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 423
Part 6:254:1951]—(NRS A 1973, 1627; 1979, 882; 1983, 203)       NRS 423.080   Examination and payment of accounts and demands.   All accounts and demands against the Northern Nevada Children ...

Failure to bring suit within the 90 days shall constitute a waiver of any and all demands against the State on account of alleged overpayments.       2.  No grounds of illegality shall be ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 442
3.  All claims and demands against the Account must be paid only upon the Administrator’s certifying the claims and demands in proper vouchers to the State Controller who shall thereupon draw his ...

Assembly Bill No. 252—AN ACT relating to fire protection; authorizing the accounts, bills and demands against certain county fire protection districts to be paid by the treasurer of the district ...

... 607.165           Notice to State Contractors’ Board of repeated claims for wages against ... General pursuant to NRS 607.160 for prosecution of claims for wages, commissions or other demands

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 259
2.  This fee must be paid out of the county treasury as other demands against the county are paid.       [17:107:1909; A 1933, 259; 1949, 152; 1953, 127]—(NRS A 1979, 1370; 1993, 1353; 2001 ...


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