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Nevada Probate Lawyers
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Nevada Probate Attorneys
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Las Vegas Probate Lawyers
Las Vegas Probate Attorney
Las Vegas Probate Attorneys
Las Vegas Estate Lawyer
Las Vegas Estate Attorney
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Probate Lawyer In Las Vegas
... decedent shall, upon written request, be open to inspection by or disclosure to any ... applicable state law, of the estate of a decedent who dies intestate, such person shall be considered as having a ...

... and labeling required.   After March 21, 1935, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm ... property designated or set aside for such a purpose by the governing body having charge thereof, or upon any ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 484
2.  Any person who gives information in oral or written reports as required in this chapter, knowing or having reason to believe that such information is false, is guilty of a gross misdemeanor

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 233B
1.  Any person who objects to the content of a form required by an agency to be used in submitting an application, making a declaration or providing other information may request the Legislative ...

Nevada Legislature
The next session of the Nevada Legislature will begin on February 5, 2007. We are now in the interim period between legislative sessions

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 533
1.  Any person interested in the water of any stream upon whom no service of notice shall have ... 1.  The State Engineer shall appoint, subject to confirmation by any court having jurisdiction, one ...

It is unlawful for any person to possess or sell the horns without a seal having been so attached or number so branded.      9.  Any person who transfers ownership of a skull of a bighorn sheep ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 266
1.  Those cities having 50,000 or more inhabitants are cities of population category one ... b) To contract with, authorize or grant any person, company or association a franchise to construct ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 201
d) By promises, threats, violence, or by any device or scheme, by fraud or artifice, by duress of person or goods, or abuse of any position of confidence or authority or having legal charge, takes ...


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