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Converted WP file 21562
...The clerk of the County Commission of Jefferson County admitted the 1963 will to probate.....The county clerk recorded the will,See footnote 1 but refused to admit it to probate on.....The county clerk's refusal to probate the will was never presented to the county.. (score=100)

Converted WP file 26439
...Traditional will contests challenging admission to probate of a particular document or.....Fraud or tort actions that are not triable in probate court, are subject to laches or tort.....After a judgment or order entered as aforesaid in a proceeding for probate ex parte, any.. (score=97)

Fall 1992 Opinion
...However, respondent Childers refused to admit the will to probate but did submit the will.....Thereafter, on June 23, 1992, petitioner Foy filed a petition for probate before the.....probate on the grounds that the decedent's marriage to Eula Jones revoked the prior will.. (score=94)

...Roberts, The 1990 Uniform Probate Code's Elective-Share Provisions--West Virginia's.....1) The value of the decedent's probate estate,(30) 30. The phrase "probate estate" is defined as "property, whether real or.....These revisions were modeled after the Revised Uniform Probate Code (1990). Mongold v.. (score=92)

Fall 1992 Opinion
...Especially since the Commission on National Probate Standards made the following.....Commission on National Probate Court Standards, supra standard 3.3.4 at 58-9. This person.....Probate Court Standards, supra; Commission on the Mentally Disabled and Commission on.. (score=92)

...the Appraisement and Inventory with the County Probate Authorities. For Assistance Contact.. (score=92)

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...The filing of an inventory of ALL real estate and probate property with the State Tax.....real estate, or on Schedule A of Part 4 as probate real estate. Question Instructions for.....nursing home, the decedent's domicile would be the ad- ALL probate assets is to be.. (score=92)

...Information for specific circum- the event there is no Will, probate refers to the process.....The Probate Estate is the assets owned solely by the decedent.. within West Virginia. The.....The sum of the net probate estate.. including exclusive and unrestricted rights.. (score=92)

Fall 1992 Opinion
...If the court wishes to probate with a period of incarceration as a condition of that.....If the court wishes to probate with a period of incarceration as a condition of that.....As we explained in White, a sentencing court may either probate an individual or sentence.. (score=91)

Converted WP file 25211
...These probate records consisted of appraisal forms completed following Mrs. Wilson's death.....probate records of Mrs. Margaret Wilson, the decedent's wife and the Appellant's.....probate records of Mrs. Margaret Wilson.See footnote 1 ..1.. Our seminal case on the issue.. (score=91)

Converted WP file 28723
...Following her death, her will was admitted to probate before the McDowell County.....No beneficiary under the will challenged the probate of the will at that time or.....Jones, on November 11, 1991, more than 18 months after the will was admitted to probate.. (score=91)

Fall 1992 Opinion
...Todd's death, a document dated August 22, 1986, was admitted to probate on June 24, 1990.....probate on June 24, 1990. On July 24, 1991, the appellant filed a three-count complaint in.....probate, still leaving the appellant $25,000. Were the trial court to declare the 1984.. (score=90)

Converted WP file 23422
...the attorney hired by petitioner in the above-mentioned probate action, sued petitioner.....five of the six defendants in the original probate action in Winchester, Virginia, the.....Aschmann, represented Bart and Alice Whirley in the original probate action. The circuit.. (score=90)

Converted WP file 27777
...From our scrutiny of the statute in question, there is no indication in the Probate.....Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code. . . .” 587 A.2d at 752. The Pennsylvania statutes.....probate or commencing intestate administration of the estate; or..             (2) If none.. (score=89)

Fall 1992 Opinion
...The dispute at issue arose for the simple reason that the instrument offered for probate.....probate along with the affidavit of two attesting witnesses. Although Walter Clark did not.. (score=89)

Converted WP file 22789
...If the court wishes to probate with a period of incarceration as a condition of that.....If the court wishes to probate with a period of incarceration as a condition of that.....probate an offender] under statute is by sentencing the offender to a period of.. (score=89)

...8In the submitted appraisal of the personal probate property, Ms. Foster's personal.....Foster was offered for probate. The will states, in pertinent part: "I - Evelyn Foster.. (score=89)

Fall 1992 Opinion
...If the court wishes to probate with a period of incarceration as a condition of that.....If the court wishes to probate with a period of incarceration as a condition of that.. (score=89)

...The plaintiff represents in her brief that the testator died with non-probate assets.....97 and probate assets valued at $555,642.66. 3. The plaintiff maintains that when she quit.. (score=89)

Converted WP file 21351
...12    The legislature has now essentially adopted the Uniform Probate Code. Although this.....probate. Upon making such renunciation, W. Va. Code, 42-3-1 [1923] provides that the.. (score=89)

Converted WP file 24969
...The Appellants also maintain that the will should not have been admitted to probate.....probate if the remaining provisions make sense standing alone." Id. at 229, 298 S.E.2d at.. (score=89)

...According to the appraisement filed on July 31, 1990, the only probate assets in the.....The remainder of the estate was non-probate assets of both real and personal property held.. (score=89)

Converted WP file 25428
...Should neither Constance Pamela Wright or Eric Scott Comstock survive the probate of this.....Wright and the probate of the will.. (score=89)

Converted WP file 25806
...probate of his will, if there were one. Administration shall be granted to the.....The county court [now county commission] shall have jurisdiction of the probate of wills.. (score=89)

Willard v. Whited, No. 29327
...The augmented estate included Alma Whited's net probate estate totaling $117,801.00 and.. (score=88)

State of West Virginia v. Ladd, No. 28853
...probate property. This appraisement is a list of the items owned by the decedent, or in.....probate personal property.         According to this code section, personal.. (score=88)

Converted WP file 21150
...Zimmerman died in 1983 and her 1971 will was duly admitted to probate.         At the time.. (score=88)

Converted WP file 23930
...probate system and our legal system as a whole. This Court is not oblivious to the fact.. (score=88)

Converted WP file 24625
...If this were a statute merely determining the limits of the jurisdiction of a probate.....probate court might be conceded. But if the statute, as sustained by the state court.. (score=88)

...Cook died on July 24, 1994 and his will was admitted to probate in the St. Clair County.. (score=88)

Dissenting Opinion by Albright, J., Willard v. Whited, No. 29327
...00, the sum of the value of the probate estate of $117,801.00, all or part of which may be.. (score=88)

Willard, et al. v. Whited, No. 29327
...In that report the commissioner found that Alma's probate estate (sums actually controlled.. (score=88)

Dissenting Opinion by Albright, J., C., Rebecca Lynn v. B., Michael Joseph,...
...Thus, if we assume the death of a well-heeled grandparent and probate of a will providing.. (score=88)

Converted WP file 21221
...probate on 21 May 1990. The appellants are John T. Law, Marino Paletti and Teresa.. (score=88)

Willard, et al. v. Whited, No. 29327
...In that report the commissioner found that Alma's probate estate (sums actually controlled.. (score=88)

Tankovits v. Glessner, No. 30028
...and the probate of his will. A second class of taxable events occurred whenever income was.....probate and compromise”).     ..     As the United States Supreme Court recognized in.. (score=88)

Converted WP file sb5007
...probate or commencing intestate administration of the estate; or..     (2) If none of the.. (score=88)

Converted WP file 24670
...In the July 11, 1996, order, the Ohio Court of Common Pleas, Probate Juvenile Court, found.. (score=88)

Painter v. Coleman, etc., No. 30255
...Coleman's 1994 will was admitted to probate in the Office of the County Clerk of the.. (score=88)

Converted WP file 27665
...The will was admitted to probate, and Wesbanco Bank Wheeling (hereinafter “Wesbanco”) was.. (score=88)

Lang v. Derr, No. 29959
...probate assets worth $68,929.33, and which, by some accounts, was actually worth in excess.. (score=88)

Gore v. Gore, No. 31668
...Gore's will was admitted to probate in August of 1996, and six creditors filed claims.. (score=88)

Converted WP file 22711
...No particular form is required for due presentment of a claim in probate'"); see also Fed.. (score=88)

...probate or the estate's final settlement. Although Mr. Redd raises the statute of.. (score=88)

Glossary of Legal Terms
...probate - The legal process of establishing the validity of a will and settling an estate.. (score=88)

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