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...inquiry to determine whether the controversy before it impli-cated probate matters such that the probate exception to.....involve the administration of an estate, the probate of a will,or any other purely initiated in the Texas probate court between the con-testing claimants to the..$file/0256002.pdf?openelement (score=100)

...interest vests is inconsistent with the California Probate Code.If Meilink prevents a.....decisions interpreting probate statutes similar to California's,and holding that.....Cassel argued that the dis-claimer was ineffective under the California Probate Code..$file/0117240.pdf (score=98)

...School and chair of the probate and trust division of the Uni-form Law Conference, the.....Probate Code was re-enacted in its entirety, at which time the..entire Law Revision.....increased by consent or by order of the probate court. Nine..times between 1975 and 1990..$file/0115452.pdf? (score=93)

...would impermissibly require the Plan Administrators to mas-ter California's probate law.....probate litigation to establish..Anna's lawful heirs. Such eventualities clearly..$file/0015884.pdf?openelement (score=89)

...probate law that Oregon enforces affects international rela-tions in a persistent and.....The plaintiff in Zschernig challenged an Oregon that allowed a foreign.....In Zschernig, the Oregon probate statute violated the..foreign affairs power because, as..$file/0016163.pdf?openelement (score=88)

...probate in the Superior Court of San Mateo County,California, on June 16, 1976, I have a..$file/0017239.pdf (score=87)

...could not be admitted to probate. As a result, plaintiff..received only her intestate..$file/0015614.pdf?openelement (score=87)

...of California Civil Code 47(b) protected their communica-tions in the probate litigation..$file/0216447.pdf?openelement (score=87)

...admitted to probate and was not challenged. The Superior..Court entered an order of final..$FILE/9955850.pdf (score=87)

...a state probate court. See, e.g., Estate of Rapp v. Comm'r, 140..F.3d 1211, 1215-16 (9th..$file/0210287.pdf?openelement (score=87)

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