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Las Vegas Probate Lawyers
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Las Vegas Probate Attorneys
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Las Vegas Estate Attorney
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NAC List Page
Information Services 9-94 NAC-278 Planning and Zoning 10-04 NAC-281 Public Officers and Employees 2-04 NAC-284 State Personnel System 6-04 NAC-285 Awards to State Employees

Supplement Template
Retail Installment Sales of Goods and Services Chapter 97A Debt Evidenced by Credit Card Chapter 99 Money of Account and Interest; Legal Investments Chapter 100

NAC Index
Health and Human Services, Department of, 439B.600 - 439B.640              Homeopathic medicine, 630A.240              Landscape architecture, 623A.600

NRS 704B.020        “Ancillary services” defined. NRS 704B.030        “Calendar quarter” defined. NRS 704B.040        “Commission” defined

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 127
Copy to be furnished to agency which provides child welfare services within 48 hours; recommendations; confidentiality of information; unlawful acts. NRS 127.060             Residence of ...

LCB: Facilites and Services
FACILITIES AND SERVICES Legislative staff and services are located in three separate facilities: the Sedway Office Building and the Legislative Building in Carson City and the Grant Sawyer State ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 371
CHAPTER 371 - GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES TAX NRS 371.010             Short title. NRS 371.020             Definitions. NRS 371.030             Imposition of basic governmental ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 200
NRS 200.5098           Duties of Aging Services Division of Department of Human Resources; organization and operation of teams for provision of assistance

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 598
NRS 598.170             “Consumer goods or services” defined. NRS 598.180             “Door-to-door sale” defined. NRS 598.200             “Place of business ...

Nevada Senator Dina Titus
She is especially proud of her bill to save Red Rock Canyon from encroaching development and of her efforts as chair of the Committee on Services for the Disabled


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