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Las Vegas Probate Lawyers
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Las Vegas Probate Attorneys
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Las Vegas Estate Attorney
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1.  Except as otherwise provided in subsection 6, a person shall not enter, occupy, use or be upon the following described portion of the Scripps Wildlife Management Area from February 15 through ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 484
NRS 484.209             “Traveled portion of highway” defined. NRS 484.211             “Truck” defined. NRS 484.213             “Truck-tractor” defined

Interstate Compact Defining a Portion of the Arizona- Nevada Boundary on the Colorado River NRS 234.130           Ratification and approval of Compact

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 338
b) For which he will receive a monetary contribution or refund from a public body as reimbursement for a portion of the costs of the project.       2.  If, pursuant to the provisions of such a ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 116
Repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed portion of community. NRS 116.31138         Insurance: Variance or waiver of provisions in community restricted to nonresidential use

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 243
NRS 243.065             Portion of Elko County detached and attached to Eureka County—1877. NRS 243.070             Boundary line between Elko and White Pine Counties ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 533
NRS 533.515             Permit for appropriation of water or application to change point of diversion if point of diversion or portion of works is outside state

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 534
... provisions of this chapter as relating to designated areas, signed by not less than 40 percent of the appropriators of record in the office of the State Engineer, in any particular basin or portion ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 278
... conjunction with tentative map; government patent easements; notice; hearing; appeal; continuation of utility easements; recordation of order of vacation; reversion or purchase of vacated portion ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 361
1.  That portion of real property and tangible personal property which is used for housing and related facilities for persons with low incomes is exempt from taxation if the portion of property ...


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