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Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 645B
9.  A seller of real property who offers credit secured by a mortgage of the property sold.       (Added to NRS by 1973, 1542; A 1975, 962; 1977, 618; 1981, 1791; 1983, 1314, 1381; 1985, 2190 ...

The funding of a loan or purchase of a promissory note that is secured by a lien on real property (mortgage loan) is an investment that involves some risk

9.  A seller of real property who offers credit secured by a mortgage of the property sold.       (Added to NRS by 1999, 3746 ; A 2003, 3559 )       NRS 645E.160   Certificate of exemption ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 106
1.  Any assignment of a mortgage of real property, or of a mortgage of personal property or crops recorded prior to March 27, 1935, and any assignment of the beneficial interest under a deed of ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 645F
CHAPTER 645F - MORTGAGE LENDING AND RELATED PROFESSIONS GENERAL PROVISIONS NRS 645F.010 ... financial services industry or the business of making loans secured by an interest in real property

NAC List Page
Sales of Real Property 11-98 NAC-116 Management of Common-Interest Community ... Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Agents 1-05 NAC-645C Appraisers of Real Estate

Supplement Template
Partition of Real Property and Mining Claims Chapter 40 Actions and Proceedings in Particular Cases ... Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Agents Chapter 645C Appraisers of Real Estate Chapter 645D

4.  Bid for and purchase property upon which it holds a mortgage at any foreclosure or at any other sale, or acquire and take possession of any such property

... has the ability to obtain and maintain insurance coverage for public liability and property damage ... b) Escrow agent that is supervised pursuant to chapter 645 A of NRS;     (c) Mortgage broker that ...

1999 Statutes of Nevada, Pages 3617-3816
f) Division of unclaimed property.     (g) [ Division of agriculture.     (h) Division of minerals.     (i) ] Division of insurance.     [ (j) ] (h) Division of industrial relations


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