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Las Vegas Probate Lawyers
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Las Vegas Probate Attorneys
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Las Vegas Estate Attorney
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Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 233B
NRS 233B.063          Submission to Legislative Counsel of proposal to adopt, amend or repeal permanent regulation; duties of Legislative Counsel; adoption of temporary regulation

Statutes of Nevada, 71st Session Index A to C
Installment-purchase obligations, authority, 2337       Police officers, duties when felony committed in presence of, 1868 AI RPORTS       Computer crimes causing service disruptions unlawful ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 289
Selection of members; powers and duties; proceedings; rights of officer investigated. NRS 289.390             Panel of board: Oaths; subpoenas

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 266
NRS 266.190             General duties. NRS 266.200             Mayor is presiding officer of city council; vote; veto; approval of contracts, resolutions and ordinances

NAC Index
Insurance companies, duties, 512.568       Safety requirements, 512.575 - 512.589 BO NDS AND OTHER OBLIGATIONS       Assistance to finance housing, issuance, use of proceeds, 319.015 , 319.600 - 319 ...

Statutes of Nevada, 72nd Session, Index A - C
Highways, removal of vehicle by police officer, duties and liability of tow car operator, 1962 ... Bonds and other obligations (See LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCES )       Boulder City, adjustment of ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 480
NRS 480.100             Creation; powers and duties set forth in chapter. NRS 480.110             Department to execute, administer and enforce, and perform functions and duties ...

District attorney's duties, 125B.150       General provisions relating to children (See ... Child support obligations, effect of nonpayment, 628.0345 , 628.393       Common-Interest ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 481
NRS 481.019             Creation; powers and duties. NRS 481.023             Administration of laws by Department; exceptions. NRS 481.027             General functions ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 281
Duties. TRAVEL AND SUBSISTENCE FOR STATE OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES NRS 281.160 ... 4) The United States for the purchase of savings bonds and similar obligations of the United States ...


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