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Nevada Probate Lawyers
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Las Vegas Probate Lawyers
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Las Vegas Probate Attorneys
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Las Vegas Estate Attorney
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... the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and the district health officer in his district or the board of county commissioners in a county without a district health officer shall ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 484
2.  A district attorney shall prosecute all violations of subsection 1 which occur in his jurisdiction and which result in injury to any person performing highway construction or maintenance unless ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 233B
NRS 233B.150          Appeal from final judgment of district court. _________ GENERAL PROVISIONS ... reasonable regulations to aid it in carrying out the functions assigned to it by law and shall ...

Nevada Legislature
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Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 533
... of such 10 days, then the State Engineer may file such order of determination, evidence and transcript with the clerk of any county he may elect, and the district judge of such county shall have ...

2.  The Department shall not accept the following forms of payment:      (a) A check or draft that does not comply with subparagraph (2) of paragraph (c) of subsection 1

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 266
NRS 266.585             Reports and payments by municipal judge. NRS 266.590 ... The district court shall limit its review to the issues contained within the record of the public hearing ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 201
NRS 201.410             Duties of sheriff and district attorney; failure to act; penalty ... person who violates the provisions of subsection 1 is guilty of a category C felony and shall be ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 200
5) A justice of the Supreme Court, district judge, justice of the peace, municipal judge ... The district attorney shall obtain the consent of the agency to which he intends to refer the person ...


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