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Las Vegas Probate Attorneys
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Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 47
NRS 47.060               Preliminary questions of admissibility ... Testimony given by him at the hearing is not admissible against him on the issue of guilt at the ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 52
NRS 52.025               Testimony of witness with knowledge. NRS 52.035 ... NRS 52.245               Admissibility of duplicates. NRS 52.247 ...

Supplement Template
Admissibility Generally Chapter 49 Privileges Chapter 50 Witnesses Chapter 51 Hearsay Chapter 52 Documentary and Other Physical Evidence Chapter 53 Affidavits; Foreign Depositions

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 126
NRS 126.111             Pretrial hearing; testimony. NRS 126.121             Tests for typing of blood or genetic identification; admissibility in court; effect of refusal to ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 51
NRS 51.325               Former testimony. NRS 51.335 ... NRS 51.385               Admissibility; notice of unavailability or inability of child to ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 488
NRS 488.480             Admissibility of evidence of failure to submit to evidentiary test and results of test; availability of results of test; presumption of accuracy and reliability of ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 533
NRS 533.250             Admissibility of maps, plats, surveys and evidence on file in ... oaths and designated by the State Engineer or the parties in interest, and oral testimony may be ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 78
Manner of storage; conversion into clear and legible paper form; admissibility in evidence. NRS 78.0298             Records or signatures maintained by corporation

Nevada Revised Statutes
Presumptions:: +$2.60 Chap. 48 Admissibility Generally:: +$5.40 Chap. 49 Privileges:: +$4.00 Chap. 50 Witnesses:: +$5.80 Chap. 51 Hearsay:: +$5.00 Chap. 52 Documentary and Other Physical ...

Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 200
NRS 200.430             Incriminating testimony; witness’s privilege ... NRS 200.5097           Admissibility of evidence. NRS 200.5098           Duties of ...


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